Roel Residence French windows and spacious terraces guarantee you the most beautiful view of the sea. Roel Residence It combines the best of modern technology in combination with natural materials in the world of marble, granite, wood and wrought iron. Roel Residence Architecture and interior design. Roel Residence It is the most exclusive gated complex in Saint Vlas, designed for year-round use and recovery of both soul and body of its occupants. Roel Residence The only resort in the region, where you can find a combination of sea and mountains. The climate is favorable for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Roel Residence A young promising resort, just six kilometers from the bustling Sunny Beach. Roel Residence Еffectively allows visitors to relax and improve their health in the three beaches in the vicinity of the forest-covered mountain peaks. Roel Residence A good place for a quiet, relaxing and relatively inexpensive vacation.


ROEL RESIDENCE – the magnificent flower garden is always filled with fragrance and flowers. Romantic alcoves, ponds, fountains and relaxing spots greet you and your guests. This is the place you desire to visit and to live at!
ROEL RESIDENCE all-year-round offers to its guests extras and comfort that satisfy the requirements of people with most exquisite taste. The French windows and the large balconies guarantee spectacular views to the sea, the green slopes of the Balkan Mountains and the ancient town of Nessebar as well as to the attractive beaches of the famous resort Sunny Beach, while the colorful lanes create calm and pleasant atmosphere. The complex combines the most up-to-date technologies and the comfort of the natural materials: marble, granite, wood and wrought iron.



Saint Vlas belongs to Burgas District and it is a part of Nessebar Municipality. Since it is located at the foot of the eastern part of the Balkan Mountains upper ridge, closely approaching the Black Sea coast, the resort offers to the tourists a unique combination of forest and sea climate that creates an exceptional microclimate, favorable for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases and asthma.



Your unforgettable vacation in Roel Residence