Saint Vlas

The complex is located in the very centre of the town of Saint Vlas, 300 m away from the beach. The location of the complex is not unintentionally chosen.



The town of Saint Vlas: the highest class of relax and comfort!
The town of Saint Vlas is a town of glorious and ancient history.


It is considered that Saint Vlas was founded on the site of an ancient dwelling, established by Thracian tribes in the II century BC. According to some historical sources it was named Larissa. The village received its present name – Saint Vlas – in XIV century after the name of saint Vlas, the patron of herders and traders. Ever since the days of the ancient Rome, noble patricians have been coming here for recreation and rejuvenation. A great part of this ancient culture is still preserved.


From administrative point of view Saint Vlas belongs to Burgas District and it is a part of Nessebar Municipality.
In 1963, here, a sea resort was founded which ensured the beginning of the area development. Since it is located at the foot of the eastern part of the Balkan Mountains upper ridge, closely approaching the Black Sea coast, the resort offers to the tourists a unique combination of forest and sea climate that creates an exceptional microclimate, favorable for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases and asthma. During the socialist times several sanatoriums were functioning here.


Summer days are characterized with silent mornings and comparatively cool afternoon hours. From May to September the average air temperature is +27°С. Here, autumns are long, warm and quiet. Winters last no more than a month, in the recent years winter temperatures sometimes exceed +15°С.
Saint Vlas – by shuttle bus it is only 15 minutes away from any of the three aqua parks.
Add to this the yachts port. This is a construction of new generation which complies with the world standards. Its capacity is 300 yachts, 50 of which of royal class – over 25 meters (this cannot be seen often at the Bulgarian coast).


District: Burgas – Burgas – the main city of the southern coast, it is located only 30 minutes away from Saint Vlas. –
“Sarafovo” Airport – the most sunny airport in Europe – more than 300 sunny days a year and only 25 km away.